I'm grateful for the high interest but as of this time I don't offer teaching. My top tip for anyone interested in learning abstract painting is to paint, to explore different materials and test what you love the most.

I'm so happy that my art is an inspiration for so many of you and if it helps you to get in the flow. However, I kindly ask you to not copy my work. Thank you!

I'm launching a series of limited edition prints this year! Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter to reach updates of my future releases.

My commissions for 2024-2025 are closed.

I use mainly acrylics because I love how fast they dry. I’m comfortable to say that I know how to bring the best out of this chosen medium. I also love to experiment and find new mediums to work with.

Inspiration is more or less present in my everyday life but I feel especially inspired on a sunny, care free day. There’s no better feeling than knowing I can spend my whole day at the studio without hurrying. I’m at my happiest when the light is beaming through my studio windows and the music is blasting on the background. Add a cup of coffee and maybe some berries (or chocolate) to snack on and my paradise is set.

I also find inspiration in nature, seeing and feeling different textures and sounds. I try to carry these things with me as much as I can, mentally but also physically. I might pick up a interesting piece of rock from the ground and carry it with me to the studio. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on my journey as an artist is that inspiration is best when it’s experienced naturally in the moment, not when it’s forced or copied. So if I’m struggling and everything I paint feels forced it’s best to do something else, usually these are the moments I clean my studio. So if you catch me in a really messy studio it’s actually a good sign!